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Hassle – Free Global Access Through Air Freight

Air freight is the fastest and best shipping solution. Our clients often find it is more economical than they thought. We have summarized below how, as freight forwarders, air freight works for our customers.

Get your goods delivered to your destination with our quick and reliable airfreight service. We have a list of quality carriers from which we determine the best flight connections at the most affordable rates that match your shipment details. If you are sending it to a remote location, we will send you to the nearest airport and can arrange local trucking from there.

DSL Logistics’ connections in the air freight industry saves you both time and money. We always propose the most reliable and efficient routes to guarantee your shipment is delivered on time and on budget. As we bond with the global network, we can reach out almost anywhere in the world.

Small packages and packages under 150 kilograms such as standard sized boxes, luggage or small bags are perfect items to be sent via air freight and sending via this method is usually the most cost effective. That said, however, if you have larger time-sensitive shipments we receive reduced rates for over-sized pieces and pass that directly on to you. Large volumes and weights, even 5000 kg packages can also be handled by our air cargo freighters. No matter what size of package, DSL Logistics has the experience and expertise to assure your shipment is handled with care and done so at an affordable cost.