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Land Transport


Land transport is an ideal solution for shipment of any size or type. DSL uses all possible roadways and railways to reach your destinations to pick-up and to deliver on time.

DSL Logistics promises to assist you in receiving your package from any location without fail via land transport. We have a network of professionals offering long haul trucking with local distribution for the most economical and timely way to ship. Thus, any location is not out of our reach.

DSL Logistics is there for you in all circumstances; whether you are moving locally and require pick-up and delivery of a few small packages, or you are moving internationally and require pick-up of all of your belongings and/or your vehicle, we can help. Or if you are an organization and require trade show requisites, we can cover all of the logistics, including packing, crate builds and take downs.

Services We Provide on Land
Full Truck Load (FTL):

This refers to shipments that require the space of a full container. This also includes special equipment such as step decks, flat decks, low beds and so on.

Less Than Truck Load (LTL)

This is perfect for consumers who cannot fill an entire container themselves as it is consolidated among multiple shippers and/or consignees, yet still large enough to utilize a partial container.

Rail Freight

This is often the best and most affordable method of ground transportation when crossing a long distance.