DSL Logistics is a registered Multimodal Transport Operator and we use our expertise to make your logistics more sustainable. We involve in the transportation of goods using multiple modes of transportation under the multimodal transport contract.

DSL Logistics offers all modes of transportation to move your goods locally, regionally and globally. We are emerging as an integrated logistics and distribution hub for the Indian market. Our specialties include packing and moving, industrial and office move, freight forwarding, warehousing and records management.

What is multimodal shipping?

Multimodal shipping, known to be combined transportation, is where two or more carriers are used yet only one contract is signed via a single carrier who is determined as legally liable throughout the duration of the process.

Only one contract covers the combined or multimodal transport of shipment. A minimum of two yet even more than two modes of transport are allowed. Therefore, only one carrier is legally responsible for all the carriage despite it being done by various transport modes such as air, road, sea or rail. Usually, the carriage is done by subcarriers and the legal carrier is known as a multimodal transport operator. A single company would be responsible for transporting your freight in all legs of the journey.

  • The process starts by getting the services of a company that offers all the mentioned transport modes
  • Using an agent is another way to set up a single contract. This way, an agent will be doing all the negotiation while your job is to keep track of the contract. The same agent will also be in charge of the unloading, loading and delays.