We have our own equipment, 20 GP and 40 HC. We can provide any number of equipment, and we have a strong agency network around the world.

DSL Logistics provides Non-Vessel Operating Common Carrier (NVOCC) services to our customers to leverage their cargo movements around the globe.

With ever-growing information technology in supply chain and logistics, we provide end-to-end perceptibility along the integrated supply chain with automated real-time information. Our customers will easily know their cargo status, cost, business pattern, exceptions; and hence control and improve their supply chain.

Having the right NVOCC partnership is crucial for all business organizations as it can help get their cargo in and out in an uninterrupted manner.

NVOCCs are the customers for Vessel Operating Common Carriers, whereas they are the carriers for the end customer or owner of the commodities that are shipped.

Why should you choose an NVOCC?
  1. Seamless way of doing business
  2. Cost effectiveness
  3. Personalized and customized services
  4. Efficient network with local logistics industry
  5. Ease of documentation